A blog about blogging? How meta-bloody-textual.

Hello world. Would you like to read me writing a blog…but on a different blog? I knew it! My good friend Kris has pleasantly agreed to host a monthly comic spiel of mine on his nice shiny site “Palaverous Sorcery”. I do heartily recommend you check the site out – partly because it’s a great little page with some really funny articles, partly because I’m on it, and almost entirely because it has a bear with a massive shield. My first “This Month in Brisbane” post is already live, and you can get to it with a minimum of fuss simply by clicking here.  Ahh, hyperlinks.

It was no doubt greeted in the wide world with a great wailing and gnashing of teeth yesterday when this page broke the habit of a lifetime (or week) and failed to update. I’ve decided to scale back the updates a little – for a number of reasons, but most saliently because I’ll write much more entertaining things if I give myself time to do, think or write something interesting in between. It’s like chocolate – the less often you have it, the better it tastes! (this is actually true, my recent demolition of a Dairy Milk will attest. I hadn’t eaten chocolate in days)

So, in case anyone’s still paying attention, I’m going to try and schedule myself to a twice-weekly slice of word pie, namely a Wednesday update of chewy blog flavour, and then something a bit crunchier on Sundays – either a short story or story extract, some current events analysis, or an opinionated diatribe about this, that or the other. Besides these “major” updates I am looking at having a bit more fun expanding the page in general – by improving the “about” section, creating a bit where I can upload miscellaneous bits of creative writing (including the products of my UQ poetry course), and also making a “reviews” section where I can file merrily tangenital short articles inspired by whatever I happen to have read, attended or watched in the recent past. But more on these by-the-by – for now, expect – nay, demand! – Wednesday and Sunday updates. In the meantime I’m going to wander around Brisbane looking intrepid until something interesting enough to write about happens.

In the meantime, why not read some Space Raoul? This used to make me giggle in the Funday Times years ago, and …it still does.

Chin Chin!

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