UQ Poetry Portfolio

Hello world! It’s the middle of exam season down here in QLD (that’s “Queensland” in anti-vowel), with all the fun which that usually implies. Currently I’m writing my last essay (art and reality in Virginia Woolf’s To The Lighthouse) for the year, with a literature exam on Monday – and then freedom!

Anyway, most of my essays probably wouldn’t really attract much interest on the blogosphere. It’s not that the Interactionist Account of Second Language Acquisition isn’t interesting, it’s just not exactly light bloggy material, you know? But one that I thought people might quite enjoy is my portfolio from my poetics course. This had to be five poems, prefaced by an “artist’s statement”. And so, um, here you go. At my fellow poet Jenny’s suggestion, I was going to read them out and embed the mp3s here as well, but I’d forgotten to take into account how woefully underequipped I am; recording via a Skype headset into Audacity on my laptop was way too hissy to even bother trying to shore up.

And now, without further ado, do have some poems! My favourite is probably “Filth”…what’s yours?

Artist’s statement – On the Death of the Neo-Pastoral

Poem 1 – Siren

Poem 2 – Filth

Poem 3 – Exit, Pursued by an Adult

Poem 4 – To Pay the Ferryman

Poem 5 – The Gumpies.

2 thoughts on “UQ Poetry Portfolio

  1. Difficult to choose a favorite as they are all so outstandingly good – but Exit, Pursued by an Adult takes my vote too. To think it all started way back in those Lady Lane days -and before! You’ve come a long way, Dude. xXx

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