Late-Night Brain Spludge

Shit be going down like a hailstorm.

So; freedom. I had my last exam on Monday evening, and the world hasn’t let up since. Exams ending means relaxation, right, period of long lie-ins, wondering what to do, sitting around reading the paper, right? Nein. Not a bit of it. I managed to do that for precisely one morning, and now the world has me by the jugular and is not letting go. Hell, I’m even typing this in a hurry

Which rocks, of course. Lots to do is fun. ‘Specially when “lots” isn’t “lots of trying to remember the birthdate of T. S. Eliot” — 1888, thankyouverymuch — and more sort of OH MY LAWWWD THERE’S SO MUCH TO DO. There is. There is LOTS. Lots of social; went out after my exam, then to the Mana Bar with some friends followed by a party elsewhere with different friends last night, followed by going out with yet more friends (a very rare occasion of me genuinely enjoying clubbing). Lots of work; did an interview today, got to type that up (should be doing that now), got another one tomorrow. And then I have to get THAT typed up crazy super STUPID quick, coz then I’m going to the Gold Coast.

Yep. Little birdie gonna spread some wings.

Past before future; recap. Lemme mention the Mana Bar, that’s kind of cool. I’d heard of this place even before I left Scotland, but this was my first time visiting. It’s the “world’s first video game bar”, apparently. With all this pomp and circumstance, I expected something packed, multileveled. Flashing lights. Nope, the Mana Bar is freakin’ tiny. It’s a room, with five big televisions on the walls hooked up to various consoles, and a bar at the far end. It’s swish though, real swish. And they have game-themed cocktails (Ocarina of Lime, anyone?) and a surprisingly smart looking clientele. I anticipated lots of pasty-skinned skinny don’t-get-out-much types, but no, it was attractive, socially ept looking humanoids, who just happened to be playing Sonic.
Big draw of Mana, o’course, and the reason I’d heard of it at all, is Yahtzee Croshaw, the actually-bloody-funny journalist who writes and voices Zero Punctuation, a series of videogame reviews. We were there to attend a trivia quiz night, hosted by Yahtzee himself…and, I have to say, he was kind of…lame. While Zero Punctuation is made brilliantly funny by the dry, abusive wit he exhibits, he just didn’t display that kind of erudition in the flesh. His voice, instead of cuttingly deadpan, is sneery and arch, and he has that slick-hair-and-trim-goatee combination favoured by those who can’t figure out whether they want to be a software programmer or the Lord of the Underworld, and have settled for being slightly rubbish at both. He got an occasional chuckle for sheer malice — responding to a passing siren with “somebody’s dead now” — but was mostly lacklustre. “Noah’s ark was made out of gopher wood…which is wood made out of gophers, presumably”. Really, Croshaw? Must Try Harder.
Apart from that disappointment, though, coming a joyous joint last was kind of fun in a pride-in-being-rubbish way, and the banter was good. I definitely don’t mean to deride the Mana Bar, which is a lovely, if miniscule, institution.

Future after past; enough Mana. Onto travel! It’s a sort of little mini travel-taster really, but with the added bonus of being with awesome people. Tomorrow afternoon, once I have all that nasty work finished, me and Scarlett and Thomas and Morgan and Emil (judging by a Facebook comment I just noticed) are setting off for “Surfer’s Paradise”, down on the Gold Coast. This is probably going to be every bit as awesome as words like “Gold Coast” and “Paradise” make it sound. Ridiculously psyched — expect me to check in on Sunday with all sorts of wild tales, possibly even  written in a vaguely coherent structure.

Anyway, I realise this blog post is underlength, rambling and poorly structured, but that’s, well, because of its content. I’m as busy as a …thing. Analogy. Busything.

It’s awesome.

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