“Does someone know how to turn thi—”


“Yeah you just twist the—here, like this—“

“Okay the light is on, but I can’t hear anything in my—“

“That’s just the feed loop, gotta plug the phones—“

“You mean this is already going out li—“


ALLLRIIIIIIIIIGHT! Good morning, WORLD! This IS Reasons to Remain, coming RIGHT back atcha from where we belong, Aran dubble-yoo-ess-dot-word-press-dot-kaw-kaw-kawwwwwwm! You heard right, mother f***ers, we are BACK on the AIR. Oh and let me tell you it is good to be—“

Yup. Been playing fast and loose for a while, being all Mister Irregular Update, but I figure it’s time the wheels hit the tarmac again. So for all of you who are interested—and I’m under no delusions of modesty, I know that’s at least two million of you—I’m going to return the goodship Reasons to regular posts. Weekly, to be precise; from here until I run out of things to say (anyone who has sat next to me in a pub knows how likely this is) I’m going to throw post-shaped spaghetti at the blog-shaped wall every Sunday. Maybe a Wednesday update too if I’ve just got too much blerg to hold in, but mostly Sundays. Put ‘em in your calendars, you beautiful moshers, vikings and assorted demonic geishas.

So I’ll return to filling your head with my life next week with a MAHEESIV update about …Christmas and New Years and Byron Bay and free sushi and all the other forty thousand things which go down in your Antipodean December (floods), but for now, HAVE SOME ART.

This is piece #2 in the ongoing “Make Aran’s Room More Cooler” collection, “Murk” was #1. I call this one Digital.

Click on the image for full-size. Even then, the text is a bit fiddly to read on a screen; HERE’S a typed transcription if you need it. I think a bright person like yourself ought to be able to figure out the slightly odd structure of the story pretty easily, but if you get confused just think of it as being a bit like one of those choose-your-own-adventure books, and a bit like being attacked with a massive spoon made out of numbers. Oh, and pay attention to the font/typeface. There should be three of them.


“Wait, did you just pronounce a string of asterisks–!?”
“Damn f***in’ straight.”

Yours in descent, waving frantically upwards,


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