An introduction, now, to a blog which is not this blog!

For a while now, myself and three close allies – Rachael Murray, Megan Navarro and Jeshlee ‘Jet’  Singh – who I first met in my poetics class last year, have been marshalling ourselves with (I reckon!) commendable discipline into a weekly writer’s group. We’ve taken as our overall theme ‘Unearthed’, and the idea is that when we’re done we’ll have a huge compilation of our work – along with that of Maya Krautz, another writer and sometimes-attendee.

We’ve worked so far on fortnightly themes of very physical, corporeal ‘unearthed’ objects – two weeks of silver, then of coal, then of oil. We’re closing this initial section with two weeks themed around ‘rock’, and then we’re going to reassess, and look at the notion of ‘unearthing’ things in probably a more abstract light.

So far, it’s been awesome. We do veer a little between serious cross-criticism and just being ridiculous (last week was mostly taken over with playing with marshmallows. Yes.), but it’s a really vibrant group, and a great way of making yourself write and have creative ideas regularly – nobody wants to turn up with nothing. And anything goes, provided you can link it to the theme. So far, we’ve had everything from haiku by Jet to folk origin-myth by Rachael. Everyone has an extremely different voice, which makes it fun – but why not see for yourself?

It was suggested a couple of weeks ago that we set up a collaboratively-run WordPress for posting works, ideas and communications between us, and so last week, we did. Updates are irregular, footloose and fancy-free, but with four creative minds with fully functioning email addresses rattling away, there should be fresh stuff being posted up there pretty often. And it has an aubergine!

So ladies and gentlemen, I give to you – Unearthed! Check it out! Subscribe to it! Actually read stuff! (Scroll down to the ‘Mallowdrama’ post for a nice taste of how we go about things…^^)

Just to clarify, this isn’t taking over from R-to-R. Though I’m aware my updating’s slipped a bit of late (I can only plead extreme busyness!), this is definitely still a live blog, and may even receive something of a severe aesthetic makeover in coming days. That ol’ chainlink up the top’s looking a bit grubby, you reckon?

So all best to all of you wonderful folk. Next week, Reasons to Remain turns 3D! The launch of the Reasons to Remain Role Playing Game! Reasons to Remain interviews Sylvester Stallone! Possibly! Maybe! Actually not! Goodbye!

2 thoughts on “Unearthed

  1. Aw, writing group! I love writing groups. Still mad that UQ didn’t have one when I was there. :(

    Maybe sometime in the future we can do a collaborative between my group (Write Away!) and your group. Or you can join the Paper Airplanes Project. Actually, you would love the Paper Airplanes Project. Facebook PM me re: that. :P

  2. Also, I am greatly disappointed that “corpses” haven’t come up as a topic. Although maybe that’s just the psychopath in me talking.

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