Sunday, April 10, 2011

Alright, so there’s nothing worse (figuratively) than blog posts which just say SORRY FOR NO UPDATS GUYZ, PROMIS LOTS SOON. But unfortunately…this is one of them.

I’ve been falling off the R2R wagon for a bunch of reasons. The main one, dully enough, is time lack. My new job gives me 20 less huors per week to randomly spludge around in, uni is in full flow, travel plans are being fitted in where I can, and I’m trying to juggle far too many writing projects — editing novel 1, writing novel 2, Unearthed, and my Genre Fiction class. The really annoying thing is that any of these had the capacity to be the best fun in the world ever, but only if I actually put the time in – and with five different projects (including this blog) fighting for one category of time like infintesimally different Marxist-Leninist parties each claiming to be the only true representation of the left, all of them suffer as a result.

So I’m going to do some time-shuffling and some regretfully laying aside of things, and before long the Reasons engine will be spluttering back into a SHINY NEW gear with a new theme and everything. But bear with me if it takes a little while. It’s been a long time, though, ince I simply used this as a ye-olde-travel-blogge talking in general terms about my life and time abroad, so expect a major one of those to cough its way out of the pipeline.

Another reason why I don’t have a proper post for today is because I’m in Toowoomba, left my computer at home in a desperate attempt to feel free of its demands that I make every waking hour productive, and just spent my morning swimming around (yet another) gorgeous Australian waterfall.

C’est la vie, mo’fuckas.

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