It feels like waking from a dream…


There finally seems to be some kind of finish line in sight. Since time immemorial—or at least for a month or so—my very essence has been dominated by deadlines. I’ve been a tired and intermittently crabby soul, dreaming fitfully of freedom as I churn out essays, product descriptions and SEO articles. But now, light! I’ve finished one job and three subjects, giving me one of each left to kill off. By Wednesday morning, I’m a completely free man. I wonder what that’s like…?


A Twinge of Farewell


At the same time, it’s becoming completely inescapable that I have Very Very Little Time Left in this fantastic place. Two more weeks, and I’ll be sending you my last Australia-based Reasons post. 6.25 AM, July 6th, I’ll be meeting my sister at Heathrow airport. Wow.

I’ve already said my first goodbyes, which is a weird sensation: I saw Rachael’s family in Toowoomba for the last time this weekend. A nicer bunch of humans I challenge you to find—every time I’ve met them, it’s been the most relaxing, at-home family environment I’ve known all year. And they have a dog who let me play with him! Thanks are due, all around.


Snacks and Supplies


I’m not just sitting around waiting for the end, though. As soon as job and assignment are finally done, it’s road trip tiiiiiiime. Me, Rach, Thomas, Jess and Megan, in a campervan, taking on the east coast of Australia like that shit ain’t no shit. Planning’s been a bit all over the place (I even managed to fail at booking the right amount of flights back the other day—Jess if you’re reading, I still feel terrible! I’ll buy you coffees on the trip to make good?), but it’s got done in fits and starts. So starting either Wednesday night or Thursday morn, we’re setting off for a five (or six) day quest down to Melbourne! The New South Wales coast, Newcastle and the Blue Mountains are all lined up as stopping points. I’ve been so wrapped up in exam-crabbiness that it seems to have rushed up really fast. I’m ridiculously psyched!


This Thorn in My Side is From the Tree I Planted


Metallica’s next release is set to be a collaboration with art-rocker Lou Reed. I have absolutely no idea what to make of this…but unlike many I’m a big fan of ‘Tallica’s less thrashy efforts (St. Anger I’ll concede is disappointing, but Load and Reload get just as much kudos in my ears as MoP (for different reasons)). Should be interesting, at least…let’s hope for some crazy avant-garde squealings from Kirk in there.


So Tell Me…What’s Become of my Ship?


Did you know Captain Barbossa (Geoffrey Rush) studied at the University of Queensland?

The new Pirates movie is ridiculously fun. It is a good bit flabbier than PoTC1, but definitely not as bloated as number three, and it tightens up a lot as the film moves on. And more to the point, I’d love it to death even if it was more full of holes than the Queen Anne’s Revenge’s sails. I love the world of these films—the swash, the buckle, the clang of cutlasses. The eloquent wordplay and palm fronds, the deft meshing of supernatural horror and high-seas adventure. I’m never more in love with fiction than when it gives me a whole world of aesthetics and imagination to be lost and thrilled in. I really don’t think “escapism” does the sensation justice—that suggests it’s about getting away from this world; it isn’t. It’s about going to. When I watch a Pirates or LotR, play a Prince of Persia or read a Gormenghast, Dune or even Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, I’m not fleeing—I’m embracing. Creating, even. Weaving a mutual enchantment with the text.


How About a Ship that can Sink?


So I was really happy on doing a spot of editing of my novel the other day after not touching it for months to find that it has some little traces of this feeling. I got really sucked in as I tweaked the text, feeling the unique signature of the story’s world as I rewrote the characters’ scripts a little. Of course, I’ll never really know whether a reader gets the same feeling from these characters as I do—according to Barthes et al, they shouldn’t. But it’s nice to feel like there’s something there. A stirring.

I’ve also got my submarine-based novella to finish. I managed to squeeze in a thousand words in Toowoomba, leaving me with only the climax and conclusion to get down. my Unearthed writing group inevitably became a bit stretched out over the final few weeks of the semester as we all got lost in academia and employment, but it should be able to pull itself back together post-roadtrip. I’ll be really sad to be absent from its next developments, although I’ll still contribute long-distance if that’s a possibility. So I should try to get this one done, at least. Go out with a…splash.


it feels like waking from a dream.


So there’s a great, great deal going on right now, but a more fun kind of “great deal” than the work overload which prevented me from updating last week. If next week goes blogless too, blame the fact that I’ll be sitting in a campervan halfway between Katoomba and Melbourne, annoying my friends by playing “Nothing Else Matters” for the thousandth time on my acoustic. But at the minimum, I’ll tell you all about it afterwards. Promise.

Thank you for reading (I don’t say that enough)

…and a bottle of rum!


One thought on “Snippets

  1. Loooooove Pirates. Even if the 2nd & 3rd movies were inexcusably terrible, I just can’t argue with Johnny Depp half-drunk and dressed like a pirate.

    I wish I could be there with you guys! The road trip sounds awwwwwesome. Lots of pictures, please?

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