Reasons to Return


I’m writing this post, like my last one, from my desk in my parents’ house in Forfar, Angus, Scotland. It’s a magnificent desk, built of pleasingly yellowed  wood with an inlaid black top. My seat, a comfy white mini-armchair, faces out through the bay window across the desktop, affording me a pleasing view of rooftops and distant hills. On the right, the Forfar clock tower protrudes from the modest skyline, allowing me to check the time without even looking down. To the left, a brand new ASDA supermarket is rising from the depths with astonishing rapidity.

My room, guitars and desks and its incongruous sink, is a nice place to be. But I’m excited to be leaving it again.

Next Saturday, I’m moving back to Edinburgh. That’s exciting—a new flat and old friends to see, work to do to rescue my ailing bank balance, and overall the thrilling chance to re-immerse myself in what remains, the laudable attempts of Melbourne notwithstanding, the city closest to my heart. Its stones and its spires.

So if I write up a blog next weekend, it’ll be from a brand new seat, or desk, or comfy spot on the stairs. I haven’t even seen my flat yet! All I really know is what Gareth—who I’m completely psyched to see—has told me over a phone conversation; it’s a five bedroom place, the other inhabitants are pleasant, there’s two bathrooms, and sadly there aren’t any cats living there this year. That crushing blow aside, win. I’m going to have a new territory to mark, feng shui to play with a whole new room. A writing desk to sort out.

Oh, did I say ‘if’ I write a new blog up? Yeah, sorry, I did. A cheeky glance at the sidebar on the right will show you that Reasons no longer purports to be weekly. This is because it…doesn’t quite know what it is right now. In Australia, it sprang from being a crutch against loneliness and isloation, and almost accidentally morphed into something much more. It was a labour of love and a friend in need, and then suddenly people started to actually read it, and it just bloomed. But even at the end, it was always a way to stay in touch with home to some extent – and now I’m there, and don’t need it for that, it’s having a small identity crisis. Although, there is now Australia to keep in touch with. Fuck, I can’t deny I miss it.

Reasons will remain, though. With any luck, the reverse-psychology of saying I can update less will actually lead me to update more…

In the meantime, words:

I finally completed draft 1 of Evidence of Shipwreck for Unearthed this week. 14400 words of high-paced submarine adventure, ready to be polished, buffed and sent out to clutter editors’ inboxes. And now I need new things to write!

And writing means inspiration, and inspiration means living. Moving back to Edinburgh, experiencing the festival, starting to prepare my final-year dissertation topic, working two jobs…yeah, I think that counts.

Moving back, but moving forwards!

…is the plan, at least.

One thought on “Reasons to Return

  1. Australia misses you too!!! Looking forward to plunging into the shipwreck my friend…keep us posted on your adventures in the cold northerlies x

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