Dot coe, dot you – kay?

Look up! No, not that far up, that’s the ceiling. Down, down, down a bit. Down the wall, past the poster of Bulbasaur that you tell everyone is “ironic”, over the top edge of your computer screen, and…there! See that? What do you reckon?

I refer (OBviously) to the new yet strangely familiar words making themselves comfortable in your address bar. A ran, double you, ess, dot word press, dot com–no longer! Reasons to Remain is now fully accessible by the rather more professional and infinitely more alliterative

Exciting stuff.

So while you’re all scrambling to bookmark that new URL–what was it again? Ah yes,–what other banal information can I stuff your eyes with? Effectively, for the past month or so, the world has just been going quietly to plan. I moved back up to Edinburgh at the start of August, to be immediately delighted by the twin realisations that

  • My new flat is pretty much ideal
  • There are, contrary to expectations, cats!

The cats are only living with us temporarily, but OH MY WORD I LOVE CATS. There are fish too, but fish are boring so HOW ABOUT WE LOOK AT SOME PICTURES OF THE CATS INSTEAD?

Kitty 1
Here is kitty one...
Kitty 2
...and here is kitty two...
Suffused in the warm glow of...Edinburgh
...and here is kitty one AND two actually both just sitting around on my bed being totally goddamn awesome at the SAME TIME OH MY WORD.

Manipulating Jordan’s pets for internet affection besides, it’s been a month dominated by work, reunions and generally sorting myself out a life in the city again. Up until two days ago I was working two jobs, which fairly filled the days up. Now I’m down to one–evening shifts in the shops owned by Edinburgh University Students’ Association. That’s a pretty sweet gig actually. I’ll be back to working at Pollock (1st year halls) soon, but while the festival’s going on I’ve been manning the shop in the basement of David Hume Tower. (Anyone who has never been to Edinburgh, please don’t be fooled by the rather grand name. Though my alma mater does possess many a proud and gorgeous building, the DHT is certainly not one of them. It looks like the result of Lego’s experimental new “build a really boring rectangle” range, with added squares). But the shop’s great–on the one hand, there are hardly any customers at all, which means that between refilling the coke and tidying the sandwiches I get to browse the magazine and newspaper selections. As a result, I’m more up to date on current events (and, um,  Celebrity Big Brother?) than pretty much anyone else in the universe. And when there is a customer,they not infrequently turn out to be a performer or technician on one of the Fringe shows which take over the city for the month of August–meaning occasional free tickets! Thus far I’ve been invited to see No Land’s Man by Glenn Wool, and, eh, The Puppetry of the Penis in 3D. If you fancy catching a show, I’d recommend the former. Tbh.

Also, I sold a pair of scissors to Dave Gorman.

Apart from that, and because of all the work fluff, this Fringe has mostly passed me by. But that’s alright, I’ve got plenty to be getting on with in any case. I’ve managed to convince myself that once uni starts back in mid-September I’ll be eyes deep in academia every waking moment, which will be every moment because I won’t have time to sleep. So with that in mind, now is the time for sorting life out. As a result, my guitar is currently at the shop being given a general check-up, my bank balance is wriggling its way back into credit, and I’m staking out the coffee suppliers within walking distance of my flat. Turns out there’s not one, not eight, not twelve thousand and four, but two branches of Black Medicine Coffee within a few minutes stroll. This city, it welcomes me back.

So that’s pretty much where my world sits on its orbit at the moment. Catching up with friends as they gradually reappear, playing with cats for far too many minutes of the day, and trying to figure out exactly how to make my room into the perfect Aran-cave. It’s pretty close, I think that all it really needs is a big mahogany bookcase. And a really nice fruitbowl.

You know, just to tie the room together?

This blog post brought to you by the letters ‘r’, ‘e’, and ‘’. Woo! Woo! wOOOO!

4 thoughts on “Dot coe, dot you – kay?

  1. a pink by any other name is just as pink. but excellent update sir! I loled thoroughly.

    in other news, good work getting an actual website. it is apparently the first step to totalworlddomination, although I’m not sure how trustworthy my source is (Gannaway, Andi. 2011. How to kill someone with chopsticks and other useful tips. Brisbane: Scouts Ltd).

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