New Short Story — “This House of Cards Must Fall”


Thoroughly excited to have a new short story, “This House of Cards Must Fall”, featured in the first edition of The Treacle Well, an online literary magazine showcasing new writing, along with art, photography and reviews. The picture above is the illustration which Rebecca Brown did for my story, which is… a Wonderland and a sacrilege and a sweetshop fantasy.

I haven’t been writing anything like enough of late, but seeing this story online is proving a great reminder of how exciting it is to have people read your work. And – whisper it – but having read it over I’m quite chuffed with the story, too. It’s a fairly indulgent piece (it starts with a Nietzsche quote, for crying out loud), but then I’m incurably fond of indulgent writing.

TW doesn’t have a comments field, so if anyone has any feedback on it feel free to leave it here.


Read “This House of Cards Must Fall” here

 (I’ll add a link to it under the “Fiction” tab above, too)

And you can read The Treacle Well’s amusing introduction to issue 1 here. The rest of the writing is completely worth reading through as well. I read an earlier version of Ross McDiarmid’s “Princes Street” ages ago in Edinburgh Tales, and still think it’s fantastic. I’m rather chuffed to be sharing a zine with it, to be honest. Additionally, the rather brilliant Laura Jones has contributed some great illustrations, especially to ‘All the Pretty Birds’, and ‘Leaves’.

Without further waffle – go read. Bon appetit!

(And if you enjoy, do ‘like’ the TW’s Facebook page, follow their Twitter, and so forth)


In other news, my last blog, “First Observations of Librarianship”, was enthusiastically received by Emily Dodd, the Reader in Residence at Leith Library (as well as being a children’s author, science communicator, performance poet … definitely one of those intimidatingly talented types). She retweeted it using the library account, and is keen to get me involved with writing for the Leith Library blog, too. So that’s ANOTHER reason to sharpen up my rusty pencils.

Yes, rusty pencils.

They’re, uh, made of iron.

So that I can write

… ironically?

And that, gentlebeings, is exactly why they need sharpening.

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