Short Story: She Died, Of Course

A few weeks ago I posted up on Facebook that I’d had a story accepted into the latest edition of PublishED’s creative writing magazine, the Inkwell. It was really nice to have this story printed; while I’ve had stories in the Inkwell before in my undergrad days (including ‘Goodnight, Sweet Quince‘, which still seems to be the most popular thing I’ve written), this new story — ‘She Died, Of Course’ — is a departure from the satiric and fantastic styles which I’m more at home with, and an attempt at something much quieter and more fragile. So I was cheered and grateful that PublishED still saw it fit for printing.

Previous issues of the magazine have gone up online, but apparently this one’s been delayed by the building of a new PublishED website, so Julia from PublishED was good enough to send me a copy of the .PDF file, which (unless I’ve woefully misunderstood WordPress’ file hosting capacity) can be accessed by clicking the link below:

The Inkwell, issue VIII

My story is on page 8 (of the magazine — page 10 of the .pdf), but do read the whole thing if you have the time! Lots of good writing in there. For my money this is the prettiest issue of the Inkwell yet, with a lovely calm white cover and theme throughout. I hope you enjoy ‘She Died, Of Course’ — if you did, or you didn’t, or somewhere in between, please feel free to leave comments and graffiti below.

Thanks for reading!

No, no, I mean it.

Thanks for reading.

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