‘Going Back In’ in Severine issue 1

Severine Issue One: (be)longing
Severine Issue One: (be)longing

I’m delighted to have my wee story ‘Going Back In’ featured in the first issue of Severine Literary & Art Journal: ‘(be)longing’ — not least because it gets to snuggle up to the shit-hot work of my former-fellow-students Madden Swan, Palvashay Sethi and Kyle Cooper. Massive kudos to the indefatigable Terri-Jane Dow for putting it all together. It’s a beauty of a document, not just the featured artworks but the general design, and I hope some of you will give it the time it deserves.

So far as I’m aware it’s online-only just now, though I’d love it if a print-version was to surface as well. You can access Severine by clicking on THESE words right HERE. If you read Going Back In, I’d love to hear what people think!

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