English Literature PhD Vlog 1: Beginning my PhD

Hi everyone,

So since I went full time at SAS a few months ago I’ve been pretty dreadful at keeping R2R updated — and looking back now, there’s so much that has happened to write about! Mostly notably the amazing, hectic experience of co-producing Róisín’s show Entrails at the Edinburgh Fringe. Some writing to follow on that at some stage no doubt!

But for now — I’ve begun my PhD! After the Fringe I had two final weeks working for SAS at the University of London. Then, having had the loveliest of send-offs from everyone in London, I decamped back north to Scotland to start my doctorate. It’s now the end of induction week. I’ve been to various talks and social events, and next week I have my first supervisory meeting which seems to be the official beginning of the process, such as it is.

And one thing which I want to do intermittently throughout the PhD process is to upload occasional video-blogs documenting the whole process. The idea is that these will be useful for people who are in the position that I was a year or two ago; Master’s students or people considering applying for a PhD who want an honest insight into what the whole experience is like.

I’ll upload ‘tutorial’ style videos if there’s anything I feel qualified to teach people about, but in the main this is supposed to be an occasional video journal where I give a ‘warts and all’ perspective of what it’s like to be a PhD candidate in English literature; the highs, the lows, etc.

So without further ado…!


As I say in the clip, all comments and feedback would be very much appreciated (along with yer likes, yer shares, yer YouTube subscriptions…)

Cheers, more bloggery soon!

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