English Literature PhD vlog 2 – The First Week

Hi all! Last night I got around to recording my second PhD vlog, which you can watch below. I know that ‘the first week’ doesn’t sound like a very different title to ‘beginning my PhD’, but I wanted to record some of the confusion that I’ve felt in response to the blank slate of beginning my doctorate. There’s no timetable, no seminars to attend, no-one to set my reading list but myself (and a supervisor, admittedly, but his job is to encourage and guide me with my own independent research, not to distil his understanding of what I want to research in some programmatic fashion).

So hopefully I’ve managed to get a sense of what all that feels like across in the vlog below. As I say in the video, there’ll be one soon on PhD and funding applications, as well as ad hoc responses to whatever unpredictable problems or opportunities my PhD happens to throw my way.

There are also comedy subtitles. Or at least “comedy” subtitles.


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