Dirigible Straits

Dirigible Straits [a sketch]



Let me apologise for various of my sins which it was never my intention to


To provoke in other or in same as might we meet in a


Well in a bit of a tangle such as that we


Do you remember? It wasn’t always, that is, it wasn’t always such as we


Well I do I remember


I remember that there were aspects of the – are you listening?


I was saying that there are aspects of my various decision-reaching strategies which have since such as


Aspects, yes


Although perhaps this isn’t the time, not perched so precipitously as we


Well as I


Perched so precipitously as I – well yes, fine, as we – appear to have become but then I’m sure I always said that the

inflatable was not


Well was not the aspect of


Aspects, yes, yes, aspects


And there you’re interrupting just as I was embarking upon the preamble of an apology which, well in these inflatable circumstances I think is rather gracious to be


These dire-igible straits, oh yes

That’s very good.


Yes I’m quite sure I always said that the inflatable was not the most reliable of means and was neither an end in itself but rather a collocation of unfortunate circumstances, or rather a line of best fit through said circumstances, or rather the best of a bad lot, or rather


Yes I’m quite sure I always said that


Often, at any rate



I don’t know how often.




No I’m not blustering, I’m just speaking diplo

Diploplodocously, yes


To well very well then I shall come straight out with it and you shan’t say after that you didn’t say you hope I shall






I’ll come straight out and say that what I’m getting at amidst these various prevarications around the subject of our vertiginous precipitous circumstance is, well,


Is only that

Perhaps if other decisions had been made


With less of a view to costings and rather more to aerodynamics


Perhaps if other decisions made been made – ah, by me – then we would not be hanging over a canyon in the basket of a punctured balloon which is only tendentiously wrapped around the rocky spur above, yes


And for this, yes, I apologise.


There now I got to the point, I do hope you feel bad for rushing me.


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