Journal article on the Southern Reach – first academic publication!

My first academic publication is now available to read online.

The article is called ‘The War on Terroir’, and you’ll be pleased to know that I call my own title ‘conventionally wearisome’ in the first two paragraphs of the paper.

This builds upon my conference presentation lasdt year at the University of Malta, on the same topic, and I certainly need to thank the good folks at antae for guiding me through. I’ve learned a lot about the academic publishing process over the last few months! (My second academic publication shouldn’t be too long in appearing, either…)

You can read my paper here. Please do contact me by comment or email if you have any thoughts or quibbles!

Finally for now, I just want to recommend the books that my paper is about, yet again. They’re a brilliant example of how genre fiction (here, sci-fi horror, or ‘Weird fiction’) can engage with the most terrifying and difficult aspects of humanity and being human; here, facing the reality of climate change and of existing in an environment which we depend upon and which we have profoundly altered. Read Jeff VanderMeer.

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