Journal article on Anakana Schofield

I’ve just had my second academic article published, and the first which draws directly on my PhD research. In this piece I position Anakana Schofield’s depictions of damaged consciousness in Malarky and (particularly) Martin John within a broader modernist tradition, drawing particularly on the theoretical work of Marshall Berman. I’m really pleased to have an article C21, especially as it’s an open-access journal, and (while I was also delighted when antae published my VanderMeer piece) it’s confidence-building to have a piece accepted into a ‘full’ journal, rather than a ‘graduate student’ one.

The piece is here:

I’d love to hear any thoughts anyone has about it, and of course heartily recommend you go and read Schofield’s books (in particular, Martin John) — and indeed Berman’s.

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