From the Ashes: The Celtic Phoenix, Anna Burns’ “Milkman” and Sally Rooney’s “Normal People”

I’ve got a new piece, adapted from the ‘coda’ that concluded my PhD, published in Alluvium which is a journal I’ve long admired.

It’s a very wee academic article so if you’d like to see the sort of thing I spent, oh, several years of my life furrowing my brow about, give it a look. It starts by digging backwards along the etymology of the term ‘Celtic Phoenix’ which was a fun bit of burrowing. The ‘Celtic Phoenix’ started out life as a satire of the short-termedness of wanting the crisis capitalism of the Celtic Tiger to return, but quickly found itself unironically appropriated by mainstream economists who seem hungry for exactly that.

Against this backdrop I wonder what the fiction of the ‘Celtic Phoenix’ will be, positing Sally Rooney’s familiar realism and Anna Burns’ more troubling innovations as alternative paths for Irish fiction. It’s been a somewhat thorny path since I wrapped my PhD up so I’m really glad to have a new piece of academic writing out there in the world, and very grateful to the editors of this issue for their enthusiasm and support.

You can read the article at the link below:

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