As I boarded the 14.51 from Edinburgh Waverley to London Euston, I had a moment. I made my way to my allocated seat in Coach C, which was a table seat, stowed my backpack in the overhead rack, tossed my newspaper onto the train table, and made myself comfortable. Even as I did so,… Read More Newspapers

Minds with Flags

That time of year again. Eurovision! Europop and camp couture and sequins and sparkles and occasionally a Slavic man playing the violin in a vaguely evocative way that makes you wonder if the whole thing is actually a poignant statement of cultural identity after all…and then a group of identikit Gallic or Nordic songstrels with… Read More Minds with Flags

Alt dot Fan dot

Goffs. Rockers, glam rockers, emo kids, punks. Hardcore punks. Metalheads. Connected and divided by: darkness, a-normative social urges, deliberately provocative styles of dress, and specific predilections concerning the application to the ear-drum of drums, dramatic vocal lines and electronic distortion of the natural tone of the guitar. This is what I understand by alternative. As… Read More Alt dot Fan dot