Semester six of eight, coming up tomorrow. It’s an extension of childhood, really. Childhood is that period of an animal’s life where it’s dedicated to becoming. It learns, through lessons and play, the skills which it needs to be an adult of its species. But we’ve fiddled with the script. Because what the animal needs… Read More Hyperion


Libraries may just be the nicest places in the world. From the pleasant atmosphere created by books huddling sociably together, to the (almost) unfailing friendly helpfulness of librarians worldwide, they’re oases in a frightening world. Calm little utopias of amiable silence where everything is free, and time ceases to whirr around so threateningly. Ever tried… Read More Bibliothequenology

Pilgrim’s Progress

I just went to see a movie about video games. As a result, this post is going to be about movies, and about video games. The movie in question, Scott Pilgrim vs. The World, isn’t technically about video games. Strictly speaking, it’s about a boy having to fight off his girlfriend’s seven evil exes in… Read More Pilgrim’s Progress