New Things

I’m typing this on a new computer. What’s more, I’m typing this from a new flat. And I’m typing this with a steaming, fresh, agreeably pungent cup of brand new coffee beside me, although that one is possibly less newsworthy. If I was still working my way through the same old cup as April 13th,… Read More New Things

The Project Continues with Us

[Document title: 08052011-MAINTENANCE-INTERVIEW-TRANSCRIPT. WATCHER ON DUTY: I. STILLMAN. TRANSCRIPT VERIFIED: I. STILLMAN 8/5/11 21:15] [IAN STILLMAN]: Recording on. Regular maintenance check in from Top Brass, May 2011 CE. This is watcher on duty, Ian Stillman, speaking for the Human Control Group with the Ambassador from outside. Commencing interview. [THE AMBASSADOR]:  Commence report. [I.S.]: Initial section… Read More The Project Continues with Us