Stone Lands: poem written for ‘Spoken Spaces, Sonic Traces’ in the 2014 Edinburgh Fringe. Set to music by Matt Giannotti. With rehearsal audio.

Disgustingly Sanguine and Souls in Sickness: two poems performed at an open mic night in Edinburgh, January 2014. With video!

Marionette:Poem performed at a poetry slam in Brisbane, August 2010. Story available here.

The End of the World: Poem performed at a poetry slam in Brisbane, September 2010. Doesn’t reallly translate into text, but I thought I’d post it up. Story of the slam available here.

UQ Poetry Portfolio: Poetry portfolio, 5 poems plus artist’s statement, written for poetry course at the University of Queensland, 2010.



 Unearthed Writing Group – a collaborative project with three great writers (and me), dating from my time in Brisbane. Not all of the work produced made it online, but there’s a great sample of Megan’s, Rachael’s and Jeshlee’s work on this site.

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