Parkway Drive’s fifth album, Ire, claims that anger is a legitimate response to the state of the world. If anger is the chief motor of ‘metal’ as a musical genre, Ire thus becomes a metal album with existential ramifications for its own artform: either Ire is legitimate, or metal isn’t. The thought experiment isn’t quite as perfect… Read More Ire

A(nother) year in (more) books: 3 best, and a couple of worst

To start a tradition, do something twice. Last year I posted a retrospective of a year in fifty-two books. Last year, displaying stalwart consistency, I once again read exactly fifty-two books. (The average UK male life expectancy is 79. It would appear I have 2808 books still to read. Which seems an excellent reason to never… Read More A(nother) year in (more) books: 3 best, and a couple of worst

Waiting for Godot at the Edinburgh Lyceum

The more things stay the same, the more significant a minor change becomes. The bareness of Samuel Beckett’s Waiting for Godot – both in terms of its minimal scenery and unfleshy script – and the rigid adherence to that script demanded by the Beckett estate mean that any production becomes most notable for its deviations from the default ur-Godot which one visualises when reading the play on the page.… Read More Waiting for Godot at the Edinburgh Lyceum

General Election 2015

Right, I’ve been pretty good so far about not flooding the internet with election froth, but there’s only a few hours now until the polls open, so… Vote! But don’t vote Conservative. They’re a shower of right-wing ideologues half-masked by a profoundly bland leader, and they’ve explicitly promised to be worse next time around. Don’t… Read More General Election 2015