Gabriel’s Story

He opens his eyes and he is cloaked in sprites. Their eyes are bulging globes, bubbles about to burst. Their bodies so thin that they fade into marsh-gas at the edges. Translucent, friendly, inquisitive and bright. The sprites gather to him in silence and he feels his anxieties lift. Gabriel-who-listens spreads himself thin over the silence. No bigger than kittens, the sprites speak to him of inarticulate calm.… Read More Gabriel’s Story

Let the Wolf Live Undersea

Huge and glossy, the seal alternates a few minutes under the water, nosing around at the base of the harbour wall, with a few seconds taking the air. The gulls don’t like it and they flock to a safer distance. One militant gull tries to dive-bomb the seal beak-first. It doesn’t seem perturbed.… Read More Let the Wolf Live Undersea