Judging Books by Covers

https://contemporaryirishlit.wordpress.com/2021/05/21/reading-contemporary-irish-literature-cover-to-cover/ I have a …a piece? A few paragraphs. A segment! In this new compilarticle* from the truly excellent folks at Contemporary Irish Literature. It’s a nice piece and well worth a read (although I’ll have to come back to Taylor Allgeier-Follett’s bit on A Ghost in the Throat because it’s sitting on my to-read… Read More Judging Books by Covers

Journal article on Anakana Schofield

I’ve just had my second academic article published, and the first which draws directly on my PhD research. In this piece I position Anakana Schofield’s depictions of damaged consciousness in Malarky and (particularly) Martin John within a broader modernist tradition, drawing particularly on the theoretical work of Marshall Berman. I’m really pleased to have an article C21,… Read More Journal article on Anakana Schofield