Gabriel’s Story

He opens his eyes and he is cloaked in sprites. Their eyes are bulging globes, bubbles about to burst. Their bodies so thin that they fade into marsh-gas at the edges. Translucent, friendly, inquisitive and bright. The sprites gather to him in silence and he feels his anxieties lift. Gabriel-who-listens spreads himself thin over the silence. No bigger than kittens, the sprites speak to him of inarticulate calm.… Read More Gabriel’s Story


The hand of the swimmer holds a stone. It doesn’t help her swim. The stone, which is round and eggshell-blue and flecked with green seaweed, weighs the swimmer down, and makes swimming a little slower. But the stone is eggshell-blue and round, and flecked with green seaweed, and the swimmer saw its oval shape in… Read More Fishlike