When you upload a post to WordPress, it likes to tell you how many blogs you’ve already posted. How handy, how useful, how nice of the servile, the obsequious machine to provide you with more than you asked for. But the Machine is not servile, so in its truer guise of dominance it appends an… Read More Century

New Things

I’m typing this on a new computer. What’s more, I’m typing this from a new flat. And I’m typing this with a steaming, fresh, agreeably pungent cup of brand new coffee beside me, although that one is possibly less newsworthy. If I was still working my way through the same old cup as April 13th,… Read More New Things

Secondary Words

  It sits before me, pale, obstinately oblong. My white whale, beached. Ten thousand words fat. Ten thousand words which struggle through three unreal worlds, glance at many others in passing, and attempt to extract from the whole some kind of …conclusion? It’s due in on Tuesday morning. And I have no idea how to… Read More Secondary Words