Judging Books by Covers


I have a …a piece? A few paragraphs. A segment! In this new compilarticle* from the truly excellent folks at Contemporary Irish Literature. It’s a nice piece and well worth a read (although I’ll have to come back to Taylor Allgeier-Follett’s bit on A Ghost in the Throat because it’s sitting on my to-read pile and I’m terrified of any form of spoilers about things I’m planning to read). I liked this line from Eric Swartz n those glorious blue Fitzcarraldo editions: ‘there is something to be said for a book cover that shows its scars’

My own bit is on how the marketing of Anna Burns’ novels has shifted from ‘Troubles lit! Shocking! Rubber bullets!’ to ‘Ooh, Irish contemporary literary fiction, how very Irish and literary’ with changing fashions in publishing. But you’ll find that out when you read it, won’t you! Eh!

* A neologormanteau

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