I am currently completing a fantasy novel full of jungles and shamans and things that aren’t quite spiders.


Short Stories

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The Satanists: The First Abrahamic Bible; and fakery and the things we fake; and carrying Satan with you everywhere you go (even if he’s a fake, too). Published in issue #3 of Severine (it’s the last story in the magazine), January 2016.

Going Back In: A lonely walk on a cold night. A big house and a family who can’t put things right. Unfinished thoughts. Published in issue #1 of Severine, March 2014.

Goodnight, Sweet Quince: Have you ever thought that humanity might have been invented by strawberries? No? Well it was. A revised version of this story was published in “The Inkwell”  magazine in November 2011. With illustration by Rebekah Strong, on page 24 of issue #4, on page 24 of issue #4. Direct link, without illustration, here.

This House of Cards Must Fall: a Wonderland, a rite of passage, a sickly sweetshop fantasy. Published in Issue #1 of The Treacle Well, April 2013.

She Died, Of Course: a quieter, fragile piece. Published in Issue VIII of the Inkwell, autumn 2013.

(on Reasons to Remain)

Dirigible Straits: a sketch.

Gabriel’s Story (short story): a boy who runs from his older brothers to find the sprites in the swamp.

The Tribulations of Vampire Tortoise (comic): One day, a mild-mannered tortoise…

The Disconnected (short story): Just what would happen if everybody abandoned Belgium?

Ghost Stories (short story): The Writer has done so much killing, and so much forgetting. The dead and the forgotten want to know why. A Hallowe’en story.

The Project Continues with Us (conversation…transcript?).

Murk (illustrated very short story): Prison. Smoke. Charcoal. Smoke.

Digital (illustrated very short story #2): Minds, numbers, and the polysemy of “I”. (Scroll to the bottom of the post for the link to the image).

Fishlike (short story): Warm sea, and warm sun, and an aggravated lobster.

The Fifth Season (short story with illustration): We threw away all the musical instruments.


 Carnegie Undergraduate Vacation Scholarship

I once received a six-week scholarship to write a novella, and blog its progress. Start reading about it here.


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